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Miller Island
Thousands of birds in the area
Tundra Swans
Eagle Ridge
Rough-lagged Hawk
Rough-lagged Hawk
Butte Valley Wildlife ARea
Barrow's Goldeneye
Putnam's Point - where I learned the difference between the Barrow's and the Common Goldeneye.
Common Goldeneye
Putnam's Point
Indian Tom Lake - where we learned the difference (when they are far away) between the Canvasback and Redhead.
Lesser Scaup
Miller Island
Clark's Grebe
Two are sleeping
Near Lonesome Dove Ranch. It was hiding in the grass and was a long way away.
Ferruginous Hawk
Prairie Falcon
Found on Townsend Road - my first picture of this falcon.
Bald Eagle looking for lunch
There were 100's of Tundra Swans near by
Bald Eagles
They were not interested in us
Snow Geese
Thousands in flight over Butte Valley Wildlife Area making a lot of noise.
Black-crowned Night-Herons
We found over 100 herons in this rookery
Bewick's Wren
We went for a walk on Skillet Handle birding trail at Running Y
White-breasted Nuthatch
Skillet Handle birding Trail
Red-necked Pheasant
My first almost decent picture of this bird.
Snow Geese
Burning the fields near Tule Lake
Fires at Tule Lake
The burning was planned but a huge event to watch.
Miller Island Tundra Swans Rough-lagged Hawk Rough-lagged Hawk Barrow's Goldeneye Common Goldeneye Canvasback Lesser Scaup Clark's Grebe Bobcat Ferruginous Hawk Prairie Falcon Bald Eagle looking for lunch Bald Eagles Snow Geese Black-crowned Night-Herons Bewick's Wren White-breasted Nuthatch Red-necked Pheasant Snow Geese Fires at Tule Lake
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